Good nutrition made quick and easy

e’Pap contains 24 micronutrients and four macronutrients which maximise absorption and bio-efficacy in the human body. It’s backed by years of scientific research. We have used state-of-the-art nutrition chemistry to include the 24 micronutrients- and four macro-nutrients (starch, fibre, protein and fat)* that maximise absorption and bio-efficacy in the body. This means that when you eat e’Pap it will be absorbed into your body more effectively. Making sure that you stay fit and strong!

An essential characteristic of e’Pap is that it is made from wholegrains.


e’Pap plays a role as a developmental food.

Particularly for mothers who are breastfeeding and children in immediate need of nutrient dense foods to build their nutrient status after they are weaned.

Interim Food

An interim food where the soil food web has been neglected.

The nutrient content of local food is often so low as to be negligible.

The recovery period for the soil takes time and large resource investments to recover.  e’Pap is an immediate nutritional solution while the soil food web recovers. A small, daily portion of e’Pap, can satisfy daily nutritional needs.

Nutrition Education

Children in South Africa are still unfamiliar with the science behind nutrition.

The e’Pap Team has experience of going into schools and educating children on what they need to eat and how food works in their bodies.

We value the opportunity to educate people on nutrition science. Invite us.

Why e’Pap is an

Essential part of your daily routine

Swahili version

  • It assists people to improve their nutrient status
  • It is a premium product at an affordable price
  • Smaller nutrient dense portions result in more effective logistics
  • Instant, Precooked Whole Grain Meal
  • Added 24 Micronutrients including 8 Amino Acid Chelates (best known science)
  • Formulated using nutrients the body can see, absorb and use to address Hidden Hunger
  • Easy to mix, tasty, filling and nourishing
  • Less sugar than most cereals, no sugar in original flavour (sweetened with stevia)
  • Certified: FSSC 22000; Halaal and Kosher