What is e’Pap?

e’Pap is made from wholegrain, precooked maize and soya beans. Vitamins and minerals are added into the mixture in a form that the body can easily absorb.

The e’Pap Team is proud that our formulation is rich in Omega fatty acids. All of our ingredients are sourced from leading international nutrition technology companies.

Preparing e’Pap is very easy.  Mix e’Pap or e’Drink into cool or warm water, wait 30 seconds, stir well, and enjoy immediately.

Don’t boil e’pap as this will take out all e’Pap’s goodness.

You can use e’Pap to make pancakes or bake muffins.  (substitute the flour with 20 to 30% as preferred)

You can also mix your e’Pap with milk, fruit juice or fermented dairy products.

Create your own e’Smoothie recipe with e’Pap, fruit, fermented dairy, honey and nuts…

More than just porridge

Our objective is to focus 100 million people in Africa on their nutrient status so that we ensure a well-managed future on our continent . Remember that in the next two decades population growth is projected to rise to 2 billion people.

What we believe

Our method is to formulate, produce and distribute affordable, nutrient dense food solutions.

e’Pap Technology addresses the issue of “Hidden Hunger”.  Hidden Hunger, also known as Type 2 malnutrition, involves micronutrient deficiencies.

These can be a result of poverty; mono diets based on processed starchy foods; and an agricultural system that is focussed only on “volume/ yield” rather than the nutrient density of crops.  Hidden Hunger affects the national health, social welfare and economic welfare of countries.  It is expressed, not only through a hungry, empty belly, but also through a compromised immune system, a lack of focus and concentration and even depression.

Eating “empty calories”, contianing few micro nutrients can create hankering for a larger quantity of food, but this may contribute to obesity.  Studies show that 70% of South Africa’s women are obese.  29 % of our children are stunted at birth when a pregnant woman has insufficient micro nutrients in her diet to grow her baby.  These statistics are an  unnecessary burden for consumers.

e’Pap is one contributor to the solution, a well population.

e’Pap Technology is about what the body “sees, recognizes, absorbs and uses”.