We want a healthy population

Healthy humans, who get all the nutrients they need, are able to find better solutions to life’s challenges. Unfortunately, millions across our continent don’t have consistent access to affordable, quality food. We’ve spent the last 23 years fighting against this, and we’re still hungry for more.

You are what you eat

icon instant just add milk

Instant: just add
water or milk

icon 22 added vitamins

Contains 22 added vitamins,
minerals and sorghum

icon gluten free

Naturally gluten free

icon high in fibre

High in dietary
fibre and protein

icon 8 amino acid chelates

Contains 8 amino acid chelates,
tailored for absorption

We’ve scientifically developed e’Pap – an affordable, nutrient-dense instant porridge.
Just 50g a day is enough to give an adult human the nutrients they need for a better chance to live the life they want.


Shop online now for single packs and small balers. Try the e’Range and send anywhere in South Africa.


Shop online now for single packs, try out our e’Range or send it to someone in need anywhere in South Africa.

Buy in Bulk!

Contact us to buy in bulk of more than 80kg for anything in our e’Products range. Let’s build a nutrient replete population!

Our Vision

The e’Pap vision is a healthy population. Our philosophy is that the human condition of nutrient repleteness is a key requirement which allows the body to perform optimally. We believe that nutrient replete human beings will find better solutions to their health and life challenges which will be the engine for sustainable economic growth.

Our Mission

To formulate, produce and distribute nutrient-dense food solutions to help create healthy populations across Africa.

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